The purpose of the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania (AMBP) shall be defined as:

  1. To develop a closer official and personal relationship among the Mayors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. To promote unity in matters pertaining to the Mayors and their duties.
  3. To exchange information among Mayors in order to give better service to the communities they represent.
  4. To work toward closer cooperation with borough governments and all other organizations involved in local government.
  5. To preserve and promote the office of the Mayor, and support the Mayor-Council form of government.
  6. To actively promote and lobby for progressive legislation in the best interests of the communities our members represent.

Strength in Unity

All Pennsylvania Mayors need expert advice, a forum for discussing a wide variety of issues, and, most importantly, a unified voice in Harrisburg. We have been seen in the past as just another special interest group by some legislators. Working together, we continue the effort to remind legislators that we are partners in establishing policy and governing our communities.


Established in 1955, the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania is a voluntary association of persons who hold the office of mayor.

Association with PSAB

The Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania (AMBP) has been affiliated with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania serving the Burgesses/Mayor of Pennsylvania, for over 50 years.

There are nine members on the Executive Committee of the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of PA who are also serving on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB)

Representing the following Counties/Areas are:

Mayor Chuck Mummert, Elizabethtown, Lancaster CBA & PSAB President
Mayor Thomas Oliverio, Zelienople, Butler CBA
Mayor John Dorin, Montoursville, Lycoming – Sullivan CBA
Mayor Ronald Evanko, Blairsville, Indiana CBA
Mayor Deborah Bargo, Lewistown, Juniata – Mifflin CBA
Mayor David Perruso, Wilson, Mid-Eastern CBA
Mayor John Guest, Jr., Royersford, Montgomery
Mayor Bruce Hockersmith, Shippensburg, Cumberland-Franklin CBA
Mayor Tammy Gore, Fleetwood, Berks CBA


Qualifications for Executive Committee

Any mayor who is a member in good standing with the AMBP may be considered for a position on the executive committee. A mayor must have completed at least one full term (four years) as a mayor in his borough to be eligible to serve on the committee. If interested, said mayor shall submit a letter of interest to the secretary of the AMBP noting work experience, qualifications, boards served on, and community service.

Executive Committee members shall be selected by the sitting executive committee. In the event of a vacancy occurring by reasons of death, incapacity, resignation, retirement from the office of Mayor of a Borough, failure to be re-elected as Mayor of the Borough he/she represents or for cause, the present sitting executive committee shall fill such vacancy by appointment for the term of the person creating said vacancy.

Vacancies shall be filled, whenever possible, and when deemed to be in the best interests of the organization from the same geographic district as hereinafter defined, represented by the Mayor who created the vacancy.

Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held during the annual PSAB Convention and at least one time during the fall months of the calendar year at such times and places determined by the Executive Committee and at such other times as deemed necessary by the President of the Association.

Notice of Executive Committee meetings shall be given in writing to each member at least ten (10) days prior to a scheduled meeting.