Whether you’re new or a renew…this is your introduction and welcome to the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania (AMBP). The AMBP, established in 1955, is a voluntary association of persons who hold the office of mayor and is recognized as an affiliate organization in cooperation with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.  AMBP dues are based on borough population.
The mayor of any borough within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall be eligible for full membership in the Association. Annual dues entitling a mayor for membership will be assessed to members in a schedule established from time to time by the Executive Committee. Former mayors who served in the office either by election or appointment for an unexpired term shall be eligible for membership and enjoy all of the privileges of the Association with the exception of voting privileges.

To join, just fill out the membership form and return it with your dues payment.

A Message from our Past President, Deborah A. Bargo

Dear Mayors,

My name is Deborah Bargo and I am the Mayor of the Borough of Lewistown located 30 miles east of Penn State and 60 miles west of Harrisburg. I currently serve on the executive board of the Association as well as several committees at PSAB.

In 1955, a group of duly elected “burgesses” made application to the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs for a charter to become the Association of Burgesses. Six years later in 1961, following an effort led by two burgesses, Merritt Bosler of Norristown and Chris Brennan of Bridgeport, and with the support of the PSAB, the Pennsylvania Legislature replaced “burgess” with “mayor.” The primary reason of the change was that a “burgess” was simply a member of a legislative body in many regions while a “Mayor” was generally the universal term for the leader of a municipality. Our organization then became The Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania (“AMBP”).

It was a tremendous honor for me to represent the Mayors in the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania (AMBP) as your elected President. Our organization, along with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) is important because we are all part of the government comprised of state boroughs bound by the Borough Code. AMBP and PSAB have the same primary objective: that is to provide legislative/regulatory representation at both the state and federal levels and to promote a constructive and cooperative relationship between both entities.

Our executive committee, the solicitor for our Association, the secretary and the PSAB are here to support you in any way that we can with questions and concerns as you strive to serve your borough constituents. We want to assist you in being the best mayor you can be and to promote the successes your boroughs are experiencing. Diane Smith, our Secretary/Treasurer, in addition to her many other responsibilities, develops a quarterly newsletter, sent to all members, with valuable and informative articles. She encourages boroughs to submit pictures and interesting things that are going on in your town to share. They can be emailed to

For those of you who are renewing your membership to our Association, welcome back. To those mayors who are not currently members, please consider joining us!

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 717-994-4369 or send me an email at

My wish for you is that you have continued success and thank you for the positive leadership you will provide the residents of your borough.

With warmest regards,