Mayor of the Year Award

The Albert Montecalvo Mayor of the Year Award

For those of you who have served as mayors for several years, you are familiar with our “Mayor of the Year Award..  However, many of you may not be familiar with the mayor in whose footsteps you are following.  Our Mayor of the Year Award is named after Mayor Albert Montecalvo. (1922 – 2014).

 With 56 years as mayor, it is believed Montecalvo was one of the longest-serving mayors in the state — and possibly the nation.  He also served for four years on borough council, making his political service to the borough around 60 years.

Born on Jan. 12, 1922, he was raised during the depression. “They did not have much money,”  but he grew up in a very loving family and served in World War II.  Vincent Montecalvo, former Lewis Run mayor and nephew of Abbie Montecalvo had this to say;  he was a man that loved his country, his faith, his God, Lewis Run, and most of all he loved his family. 

Many people praised  Mayor Montecalvo…even those that did not always see eye to eye with him.  Friends described him as witty, a man of faith, dependable, classy,  a sharp dresser, a good co-worker, a person with a great attitude, patient, trusted, supportive, willing to lend a hand, and more.  From the manager of the Bradford Club where the mayor was a bartender:  “He was a charismatic man of integrity and devotion, always eager to serve, whether as mayor, bartender or as a knowledgeable friend giving helpful advice. He will be greatly missed.” 

Lafayette Township Supervisor chair, John Ryan, appreciated Montecalvo, both as a public figure and on a personal level.“ Abbie was a politician in the old tradition; a man of integrity,” said Ryan. “Although we differed on some  issues involving our municipalities, he provided thoughtful counsel, always doing what he thought was best for Lewis Run.

Those mayors nominated for the Albert Montecalvo Mayor of the Year award are awarded a great honor.


A mayor must be all things to all people. Although citizens are not familiar with mayoral duties as prescribed in the Borough Code, they look to their mayor as the answer to many community problems. Does your mayor go “above and beyond” the normal duties of mayor? Is he or she an ambassador for your borough to others? Do special projects come naturally to him or her? Is constituent service a number one priority? If so, we want to know, for you have a candidate for Mayor of the Year!

Interested mayors must submit a resume and a letter from council to be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President of the Association. The award is presented at the annual meeting during the PSAB convention.