Who We Are

Formed in 1955, the AMBP has served the Burgesses/Mayors of Pennsylvania, for nearly 70 years. We are affiliated with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) which has served the Commonwealth since 1911. Together we represent 957 Boroughs that are home to more than 2.6 million residents. Both associations are non-profit and non–partisan that work together to promote effective local government practices.

The general management of the AMBP is vested in an executive committee which is made up of sixteen member mayors in good standing and representing each of the six geographic districts of Pennsylvania. The mayor of any borough within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is eligible for membership and dues paying members enjoy all privileges and benefits of the association.

Today’s mayors play many roles in the performance of their duties: community leader, policy maker, peace maker, administrator, ambassador, and visionary. To help our communities move forward, our goals are to help you provide your residents, the taxpayers of the borough, with the highest quality of services one can provide at the most effective cost.

Association members are encouraged to attend all general meetings and take part in all discussions and question / answer sessions. We look to supply access to information that is of interest to local governments. Various speakers provide attendees with new insights and ideas for effective leadership. The learning may start in the scheduled sharing session, continue during meals, rest breaks, conference rooms and social get-togethers, as mayors network with one another and share their concerns and successes. AMBP is the place where mayors meet to work on the day-to-day aspects of our office. We are positioned to work with the various state-wide organizations to lobby for legislative changes that help mayors and the issues of concern to them.

We, the executive committee of the Mayors of Pennsylvania, encourage you to join the AMBP. Take part by becoming active in the annual meetings and conferences which are held in conjunction with PSAB. Please complete the Membership Form and return with dues payment to our Secretary/Treasurer. By working together as one voice we promote effective local government.

Get Involved

The strength of our association is centered on the participation of our members. Step forward and work on the conference program committee, answer the call to testify at the state legislature, or act as a mentor to new mayors.


Members of the AMBP are eligible for reduced hotel conference rates as per PSAB regulations. The Mayors Roundtable discussions are great places to meet your fellow mayors.

Newsletter and Facebook Page

Members receive a quarterly newsletter which is mailed to all members. All mayors are welcome to share their stories with the membership for the benefit of others. All are welcome to sign on to the Facebook page to do “real time” networking.


One of the main goals of the Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of Pennsylvania is to provide support for their members. Any mayor having a question or concern about the role, the office and/or any borough proceeding should first contact their own borough solicitor for advice. However, if the mayor has need of further clarification or explanation, contact the Association Secretary. Some answers can be found in different publications as well as the borough code. If it is a common question, the Secretary may already have helpful information available to send to you.

The Secretary may also recommend talking to one of the executive committee members. Some of the mayors have held office for years and are familiar with a great many of the situations with which you may find yourself dealing.

However, we are aware that some situations may require a more informed assessment. If that is the case, the Secretary will contact our Attorney with the facts of the issue. In order to be as efficient as possible, we recommend an initial phone call to the Secretary to explain the situation. Next, an email to the Secretary with your specific question including the section of borough code for which you are seeking an interpretation. With that information we should be able to get you either an answer or a recommended course of action in very quick order.